Convert Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Over 20,000 companies use LeadzGen to generate qualified sales leads every day.

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Turn Your Website Visitors Into Sales Leads

Only 2% of your website visitors will ever call or submit the web form. LeadzGen helps you identify the other 98%.

Lead Generation

Identify your anonymous website visitors and receive all the information you need to turn those visitors into leads.

Lead Management

Gain complete visibility into the web activities of your prospects and manage a 360 degree view of the leads' life cycle.

Sales Automation

All this information helps you to proactively contact your website visitors and convert them into potential customers.

Know who is on your Website

LeadzGen gives you real-time visibility on who is visiting your website, the duration of their visit, which pages they are visiting, what products or services they were looking for, and their complete contact details (Name, Company, Email, Phone, Geography, etc.) Imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the anonymous prospects visiting your website everyday.

Over 20,000 Registered Users Since January.

We've created the solution that will help your business get better marketing results.

Major Industries Served By LeadzGen

More than 20,000 companies from 50+ industries use LeadzGen to generate qualified sales leads every day. LeadzGen's sole focus is to provide lead generation and management software to small and midsized businesses (SMBs). LeadzGen’s cloud-based solution covers a full range of business requirements including lead generation, prospects tracking, lead management, sales automation, conversion tracking and marketing intelligence, among many others.

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Up to 300% increase in qualified B2B leads through your own website.

According to our recent survey, the companies who used LeadzGen for 6 months have realized up to 300% increase in qualified B2B leads and 47% increase in the conversion rate.

With LeadzGen, you can take your sales to the next level. Sign up now and start generating leads for your sales staff. We are already helping thousands of sales organizations and would like to help yours too.

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LeadzGen vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is for marketing, not for sales people. It's great for optimizing marketing campaigns and understanding visitor flows. When you want to know who exactly visited your website, what they were looking for, and their complete contact details – that’s where LeadzGen comes in.

LeadzGen is a website intelligence tool that identifies the anonymous businesses visiting your website – those that don’t go on enquire; and provides you with their activity history and contact details in an easy, manageable format, so you can immediately begin to proactively convert these visitors into new customers and leads.

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Explore Benefits

Meet Industry's Most Advanced Lead Generation Tool.

Uncover your anonymous website visitors.

LeadzGen reveals the companies visiting your website by using proprietary identification technology. Increase the amount of highly qualified leads in your sales pipeline without additional headcount.

  • Receive in-depth company and contact information
  • Find the warmest leads based on visitor engagement
  • Connect with prospects early in their buying cycle

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    Since we started using LeadzGen, our main marketing strategy has been to drive prospects to our website, then use the information regarding the visitors and what they researched to feed our inside sales operation. With LeadzGen, we’ve closed new business we wouldn’t have had any sight of before.

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    Ali LiaquatMarketing Manager @

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